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The New Spring/Summer Adventure

that Kids are Wild For!

Contact for your Kids


Find a unique, creative, dependable, kid oriented, family performer, who is a sure fire winner for your church group.

There is great news: You've found the person!"


Sharing the joyful message with laughter, whimsy, inspiration and fun.

Mark Daniel's programs are seen throughout the Eastern US in thousands of schools, libraries, churches

and twice at The White House!

Often told

"You've been given "The Gift" to Inspire!



The Mission

The Brand New

Expedition: Dino Squad

Click here for Info

A Special Edition Visit

with some of the Best Books Ever!

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Note: Based on our travel schedule, you'll always hear from us within 24 to 48 hours. (aside from Holidays) If you haven't noticed a reply please check your spam folder. Thanks!

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