Celebrate the New School Year with some of the your kids favorite books ever!
Plus add in one of the Top Reading Ambassadors in the Country and The Fun Books Show is surefire winner!


Be One of the First 10 to Schedule This Program for The New School Year and Receive the Free Special Bonus Below!


Highlights of the Program Include:


Mark and a menagerie of puppets will dance and delight to Sandra Boynton's fun Barnyard Dance.​


​Eric Carle's much loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar is the catalyst for magical fun with Mark and your kids.


A "curious" monkey puppet brings smiles and giggles with antics that kids and Curious George fans will love.


​The lovely retelling of The Napping House is heartwarming and ends with an unexpected surprise!


Wallie the rabbit stops by and puppets and magical surprises galore all help make The Fun Books Show, well - Loads of Fun!


​Plus, add in wonderful music selected just for the program; the fantastical stage set serving as a backdrop to the festivities; and you have an out of the ball park winner to celebrate with your kids!

Free Bonus
Curious George Travel Activity Kit to the first 10 to Schedule a Program.
Call Tami today to schedule: 1-800-848-5634 or 336-492-7870
Your Kids will love you for it!
From The Very Hungry Catepillar, to the zany puppet fun of Barnyard Dance, the loveable antics of Curious George, and the sheer joy of The Napping House. The fun and surprises of great books comes to life in The Fun Books Show!
Invite Mark, Wallie D. Rabbit, his zany puppets, illusions, books and fun, it all adds up to your kids asking when can we do The Fun Books Show again?

Mark Daniel

Joyful Storyteller

A Joyful Mission

​​© Copyright 2020 Mark Daniel            joyfulstoryteller.com      Photos by Micharl Messing, Knoxville,TN, and Lisa Miller of Simply Southern

Sharing the joyful message with laughter, whimsy, inspiration and fun. Mark Daniel's programs are seen throughout the Eastern US in thousands of schools, libraries, and twice at The White House. Often called "The Guy with The Gift to Inspire!" Mark now brings the joyful message to church children and church families.

 Use Mark's Programs For:

  Assemblies for Christian Schools

  Church Preschools

  Summer Camp
​​  VBS

  Family Fellowship Night
  Kids Church Outreach
Give Tami a call at 800-848-5634 or e mail us below to Invite Mark Daniel, joyful storyteller today! References Available :)




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