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 Brand New!
A New Original Book Based Reading Program
from Mark Daniel, Joyful Storyteller with one of your kids favorites: Space!
Great Books
and "Spacetastic" Fun!
Highlights from The Program
Imagine a Very Cool Space Exploratorium with a Magical Storyteller/Librarian and his happy band of helpers- Steggie the Stegosaurus, and Kenny Chesnut the Bunny.
Your Kids Will Delight in meeting a Magical Mousetronaut named Meteor!
Mark and Steggie share the funny and heartwarming tale of friendship which is Boy+Bot!
Zelda's Big Adventure a heartwarming story about a trip to space, and friendship comes to life along with a VIP passenger!
And the lovable Kenny Chestnut the Bunny stops by too!
Plus more amazing books,  the incredible NEW READasaurus: Space Stage Set, Terrific Music and Sound throughout!

Mission READasaurus: Space


Mark and Steggie, Kenny Chestnut the Bunny, joyfully share their favorite books!  This sweet and funny visit will have your kids finding great books and fun surprises all along the way.



A Joyful, Book Filled Reading Celebration, with the notion that Beloved Books today Build Lifelong Out of This World Readers!


This original program by Mark is excitng, funny, and will have your kids clamoring to read and share some of the best books ever!

A Book Centric, Pro-Reading Message, and Space! What's better than that?







To check dates and bring this Exciting New Program to your kids call Tami at 800-848-5634 or 336-492-7870 or email us here.


Mark and the Gang can't wait to share


READasaurus: Space!

with your kiddos!

Mission READasaurus: Space

Note: The Special Preschool Version of this program is presented without The Meteorites, unless requested. The School Age Version is also avaialable.

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