Brand New!
A New Original Book Based Reading Program
from Mark Daniel, Joyful Storyteller with one of your kids favorites: Dinos!
Great Books and Dinorrific Fun Indeed!
Highlights from The Program
Pterri the Pterodactyl and Mark along with your kids havea blast dancing to Sandra Boynton's Dinosaur Dance!
Mark and Steggie the Stegosaurus share exciting Book Games, a kid approved guessing game of their favorite books!
Eugene hilariously plays hide and seek and  Mark just wants to tell him about the book to share for the evening!
Spike the triceratops investigates the world outside of his egg with The Three Triceratops Tuff!
A Special Book delivery uncrates some great surprises, and Baxter the bunny jstops by too!
Funny surprises, the amazing Lodge stage set, and fantastic music, all combine to make Those Funnny Dinos!
a winner for your kids!

Those Funny Dinos!


Mark and his whimsical Dino friends joyfully share their favorite books!  This sweet and funny visit will have your kids finding great books and funny surprises all along the way.



And the fun is contagious with the Dinos playing tricks and pranks on Mark throughout the visit.


This original program by Mark is excitng, funny, and will have your kids clamoring to read and share some of the best books ever!

A Book Centric, Pro-Reading Message, and Dinos! What's better than that?







To check dates and bring this Exciting New Program to your kids call Tami at 800-848-5634 or 336-492-7870 or email us here.


Mark and the Dinos can't wait to share


Funny Dinos!

with your kids!

Those Funny Dinos!

Mark Daniel

Joyful Storyteller

A Joyful Mission

​​© Copyright 2020 Mark Daniel        Photos by Micharl Messing, Knoxville,TN, and Lisa Miller of Simply Southern

Sharing the joyful message with laughter, whimsy, inspiration and fun. Mark Daniel's programs are seen throughout the Eastern US in thousands of schools, libraries, and twice at The White House. Often called "The Guy with The Gift to Inspire!" Mark now brings the joyful message to church children and church families.

 Use Mark's Programs For:

  Assemblies for Christian Schools

  Church Preschools

  Summer Camp
​​  VBS

  Family Fellowship Night
  Kids Church Outreach
Give Tami a call at 800-848-5634 or e mail us below to Invite Mark Daniel, joyful storyteller today! References Available :)




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